New releases!

January brings us many new goods to the NGM store, first and foremost we have TWO new releases ready to go with the Last Chaos and Ripped Off 12"s both pressed, delivered and ready to go. 

Both these releases have been a long time coming, both recorded well over a year ago but put on the back burner due to bad luck and neither bands being active with Last Chaos calling it a day and Ripped Off not having played for over a year now.

Both are in fact well worth the wait, no doubt about it that each of these records show the bands operating at their peaks and really pushing some boundaries, not only are they top shelf musically but the packaging and detail gone into the records is quite evident with both bands using a single artist to handle the entire art and layout with direction from the band with Sam Mackenzie handling the Last Chaos record and Stewart Cole handling the Ripped Off record. 

There are only limited copies so you should get in fast before you're left with your tail in between your legs wishing you had of got these while you could. 

We've also got a fair few new items in the store like the blazing Mosquito demo tape, incoming copies of the incredible 300+ page Seven Metal Inches book, Hells Envoy Fanzine full of anonymous metal stories and experiences, three of the brilliant Antitodo reissues with The Scam, Psycho and Major Conflict 7"s.

Next up for NGM Records is two cassette releases with the Carnage and Defenestration demo's to get a run, these should be available late February with the Black Jesus - Malevolence Rising and Self Harm - Adapt To Self Inflicted Chemical Torture 12"s to follow.

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