Post-Total Attack; new stock, new releases, more news!

Been a while since we've had an update around these parts, hopefully that doesn't become the norm but we have been very busy with the Total Attack Festival. 

We've come out of the other side of the fest unscathed and with a few awesome announcements; first of all that the brand new OBAT BATUK LP IS OUT through us and our friends down south at No Patience Records.  "Songs About Tigers, Dragons 'n' Sausages" is a modern masterpiece of obnoxious HC punk straight out of the un-recognised mecca of Australian punk - NEWCASTLE.

Essentially this record takes everything you love about the catchy infectious raw power of early 80's hardcore ala Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Rhino 39 and then merges it with the blazing speed, ingeniously stupid lyrics of that of "Sex, Drugs and..." era Rupture

You can purchase your copies directly from us, No Patience or the band on their current tour of the east coast of Australia. You can find the event HERE.

The DEFENESTRATION cassette is now finally out, after many delays. The band have some copies on them, a few remain with us after they blew minds and decimated the stage at Total Attack.

Next up in the works for us is the looming SELF HARM and BLACK JESUS 12" records, we're working on a few other things which will be announced sooner than later but you gotta keep your ear to the underground! Take an initial peek at some tracks by checking out the NGM SAMPLER

To celebrate our first four 12" releases and the support people have given us, we've decided to put together a special 4LP pack including RIPPED OFF, OBAT BATUK, LAST CHAOS and ROBBER for just $95.00 Postage Paid anywhere in Australia. There is only limited quantities of this deal so jump on it.

Now with all the label stuff out of the way, there's a few new distro items. 
came out as a strong contender for best band of the weekend at Total Attack and we've grabbed a small handful of their brand new LP "THE FALL" on cassette; 10 tracks of bleak deathly crusting black metal from Adelaide. 

Finally we've updated the shop with the new UNBOUND long sleeve and the most recent KOHTI TUHOA 12".

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