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Welcome everyone to the new home of NGM Records. Since we closed the doors on our physical store on the 11th of November, we've been moving and downsizing so we can operate from underneath our house!  As far as being able to physically come in and shop, that's not going to be an option for a little while yet but we're gonna get there. For the meantime, you can however peruse the store and still decide to do a pick up from us like you may have done in the past. 

There's a lot of exciting things on the horizon for us here at NGM Records so here's hoping for 2018 to be as big of a year as it's shaping up to be with lots of label releases from the likes of DEFENESTRATION, SELF HARM, BLACK JESUS and CARNAGE (PT) as well as the announcement of new sub-label RESURGENCE RECORDS who you can read all about over on their first news post HERE.

Have a gawk at this sampler to showcase a bit of the what 2017 had to offer and for a few select first time listens to songs of the upcoming NGM Records releases in 2018.  

As far as the distro stock, as always anyone is welcome to get in touch to sell stuff through us, you can simply just email us at info@ngmrecords.com.au or get in touch with us personally. We'll be hoping to work with a few overseas labels to get a bit of stable distribution for them over here and some where people know they can go in Australia to get things from these labels without getting gouged. 

Here's to a new era and a new year looming on the horizon. 

Oh yeah, before we forget...the LAST CHAOS "NO" 12" EP is up for PRE-ORDER and STREAM now along with the RIPPED OFF "LAST CHANCE AT DEATH" 12" LP which you can PRE-ORDER and STREAM.


NGM006: Shirtlifters "7 Songs from a 4-track Session" C/S
NGM014: Carnage (PT) Demo 2017 C/S
NGM015: Defenestration Demo 2017 C/S
NGM016: Black Jesus "Malevolence Rising" 12"
NGM017: Self Harm "Adapt To Self Inflicted Chemical Torture" 12"

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