T.A. #8 - May 2018

Another year rolls around which means another year for Total Attack Festival, a massive weekend of punk, metal, rock 'n' roll and everything in between, a celebration of the underground to raise money for a good cause, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Melbourne as we've done for the previous 3 years. 

The festival will run from Thursday the 3rd until Sunday the 6th of May, so that's 4 whole days of debauchery and madness (for a good cause!) for you to get up to. Here's how the shows will run, there may be after parties and extra shows but that will come closer to the festival. 

May 3rd - Rixe, Shackles, No Future & more @ The Coronation Hotel, West Ipswich
May 4th - Chardons Corner Hotel, Annerley (2 Stages)
May 5th - Chardons Corner Hotel, Annerley (2 Stages)
May 6th - Brisbane City Boat Cruise (Afternoon Matinee)  Ltd. 90 CAPACITY - Tickets available NOW
May 6th - Club Gig @ To Be Confirmed Venue (Night Gig)

We've continued with the previous years traditions of diversification, trying to bring as many new people into the fold without alienating those who've given the festival lots of support in the past.

So below is the initial list of all the bands performing across the weekend with more to come, all bands where possible have a hyper-link to check the band out. 

French Oi! Punks on La Vida Es Un Mus. 

ENZYME - Kyushu worshipping acid-pogo-noise-punk from Melbourne
WILD SPEARS - Political hardcore / street punk from Melbourne. Akin to 80's Melbourne bands i.e. G.A.S.H. / Arm The Insane / Depression / Bastard Squad. 
DEFENESTRATION - Solo soaked sledgehammer early 90's styled death metal. 
RELIGIOUS OBSERVANCE - Noise-riddled sludge / doom metal from Melbourne. Heavy as all hell, fans of Corrupted, Whitehorse, Godflesh.  
PISSBOLT - Blazing unhinged edge your seat grindcore.
CREEP DIETS - Fudge Tunnel groovin' sludge worship. 

South Australia / A.C.T. / Tasmania
SPITEWARD - Sadistic hardcore punk ex-Suffer, Blood Sucking Freaks, Grimalkin.
SHADOWOLF - Crusty black metal from Adelaide. No polish, perhaps a spit shine. 
THE VEE BEE'S - Canberra's most loved yobbo rock outfit. Ex-Forward Defence, Mugshot etc.
IRONHAWK - Tasmanian motorpunks from HELL. 
THE BIGOTS - Canberra's bodgecore bandits since the late 90's. 

Western Australia
RABIT ABBOTT - Extreme Noise Terror meets early Napalm Death with a dash of Doom.
WARCYCLE - Earsplitting crasher-crust! 
TERRITORY - Melodic metallic d-beat like Neurosis in a blender with Tragedy
UNRAVEL - Perth's own Swedish death metal worshippers.
HEXX - Imagine if Bolt Thrower were a hardcore band. Crushing! 

New South Wales
OBAT BATUK - Newcastle's pride and joy. 
CREAM SODA - 3 piece Japanese hardcore onslaught!! Ex-Stanley Knife, Redstain, Spoonfed
D.W.A - Ex members of Unclean, Persecution, Bastard Squad and more continue on with their legacy of heavy political hardcore punk. 
ROBBER - The most cretinous blackened hardcore fiends. 
BOUDICCA - Very 90's styled Aussie hardcore punk, a mix of many sounds but undeniably so! 
MAGGOT CAVE - New Sydney grindcore outfit influenced FFO: Warsore, Assuck, Undinism. 
FRAME 313 - Powerviolence outfit with noise and experimental elements.
QUICK FIX - Very new hardcore punk band from Sydney ffo: Exit Order, Firewalker, Omegas.
JOHN HOWARD - Rupture reborn in the dirty streets of Newcastle. Everyone's a hypocrite.
CRUST FUND KIDS - Dual vocal hardcore crust 90's style. Members of Ether Rag, Omnicide, Playground Of Hate, Hate Is Enough, Forakt, Black Rats and more. 

BUDD - Long standing Brisbane legends of noise-rock since 1991. 
TERRA MATER - Epic stringed d-beat crust with a metallic edge. 
BATTERY HUMANS - Heavy mid 90's style metallic crust. 
ASCOT STABBER - Extraterrestrial Oi! influenced garage punk. 
UNBOUND - Astral travellin' punk metal 
GRIEG - Abstract noise-rock from current and ex-Dick Nasty, HITS, Noose, Hateman, John Lee Spider.
LEXICON - Late 70's / early 80's styled bratty punk
FROWN -  Brisbane's kings of narcotic doom. First gig in over a year. 

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