Kohti Tuhoa - Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta

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Back in 2015 this outfit of Finns released their first LP "Rutiinin Orja" and it was one of the most successful international import records we ever stocked. Rightfully so as the band has a grip on the iconic Finnish HC sound like no other, they do not emulate, they adapt and expand on something that already is so limitless in it's approaches. 

Many look to the golden years of the early 80's in Finland but Kohti Tuhoa are alone a good enough reason to expand yourself beyond this time frame, look to what is new and carving out the iconic sound into something else. 

"Pelon Neljas Valtakunat" the bands second LP has gained them much traction worldwide and most of all, much respect amongst many different circles. 

We have very limited copies. Don't sleep on it.