Self Harm - Adapt To Self Inflicted Chemical Torture 12"

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Black metal should be oppressive, depressing, harsh and destructive - that is entirely what Self Harm have delivered from day one, no robotic blast beats, no crystal clear tremolo picking and third rate Norwegian copy cat vocals just sickeningly disturbed howls backed up with chainsaw guitars with the crackle of nearly blown speakers and thunderous torn apart low-end. 

After three successive demo tapes; "Autumn Demo" in 2015, "Hektik Kaos" in 2016 and the promo tape for the album "Absolut Kaos" in mid-2017, SELF HARM have followed through with 9 tracks of knuckle dragging savagery.

Hyperbole does not do anything close to justice in describing this record because it is REAL, it needs no hot air and mysticism, no dungeon dwelling dress ups here. There is not an ounce of sterility in the entire 33 minute run of this record, it is sheer explosive power from start to finish with no punches pulled. 

Upon playing this record you will feel it's depressive weight, nihilistic drug-fuelled desperation and sheer power derived from a place of total self loathing. It is ugly music. 

Self Harm are entirely rooted in the underground, where the filth remains and will forever stay, black metal at it's core with clear punk and death metal influence, a record we're proud to be apart of and a definite contender for AOTY in 2018 already. 

Perth is an often overlooked and starved city for anything that isn't a mining boom let alone for mind bending amphetamine fuelled black metal with it's feet planted firmly in both the punk and metal underground with members from the likes of Drowning Horse, Territory, Wound Culture, Warthreat, People Problem, Suffer and more.  

Time to pay attention and Adapt To Self Inflicted Chemical Torture. 

12" comes housed in 300GSM stock cover with 220gsm printed inner-sleeve containing art and lyrics, both cover and inner-sleeve have flooded black print internally. 

100 copies of 300 will be on GOLD vinyl and packaged with a limited woven patch and postcard. These are not available in the other 200 black copies.