Last Chaos

Calling it a day early on into 2016 LAST CHAOS left a pretty big hole in Australia's punk scene, let alone the Brisbane scene.

Formed in 2010 the band consisted of two Teargas members; Mikel and Will - both on different instruments to what you would see them in usually, Mikel having been a bass player in Teargas now playing guitar and Will being a guitarist now playing drums. The band also had Declan and Leo coming out of the demise of their primitive stoner band Acid Hammer with Declan taking on vocals and Leo stepping up to guitar, this left a spot for a bass player...long time friend and Teargas artist Murdoch Stafford.

Eventually after few years including interstate tours, a tour of south-east asia, a demo, a four song 7" EP titled "Kill Dick Control" and split 7" with Siganporean HC band Vaarallinen, Mikel would leave the band with none other than Teargas' other guitarist and Murdoch's older brother Geordie Stafford filling his void. Geordies stay wasn't long but they managed to play some killer shows while he was in the band, picking up a teaching job in Townsville meant he had to get outta town and couldn't do the band so into the frame comes an outsider, a much younger member than the rest Luke Gibson who was playing in bands The Shirtlifters, Manhunt and Unpeople at the time this is the line up that would deliver the self-titled LP and the first material without the original line up. After some time again, Luke couldn't keep up with the band and he was out of the picture and that's how the band stayed all the way until it's demise, except for the fact that they got every single ex-member up on stage to do guest spots on a few songs at the last show. 

They were one of those rare anomalies that could get a whole crowd moving, stage diving, slam dancing, singing along and just causing general mayhem...their sound was rooted in the style of Scandinavian and Finnish hardcore of the 80's, even if they stole their name from the cult classic CROW 12". However the band didn't see this as a limitation, over the course of many shows, tours and releases, they developed their sound into something truly unique getting more experimental, dropping tempos and lulling you into a false sense of security just to set you off again on a whirlwind of momentum. 

Here's the bands absolutely chaotic last show in full thanks to Rhys Chapman.

Now the band may be done and it doesn't look like they'll be making a return, they have left us one last recording session which comes in the form of a four-song single sided 12" Maxi-EP known quite simply as "NO" which we are honoured to (alongside with Televised Suicide) be involved in releasing.

Now not to blow smoke up our own arse but there's no doubt that this material and recording showcase the band at their peak, so go ahead and purchase yourself a copy, once they are gone, they are gone...hold onto a piece of history!