PISSBOLT hail from Melbourne, Australia with origins tracing back to the early days of the OZ extreme music boom of the early 90's. They have been playing around for approximately 12 years now, playing with and supporting the likes of Agents Of Abhorrence, The Kill, Fuck...I'm Dead, Corrupted and more. 

Born out of the tail end of their former noise-rock band Dad, They Broke Me. Minus their bass player, Pissbolt is drummer John, guitarist Ramzy and vocalist Simon. Their sound is edge of your seat, unhinged grindcore that is not quite like you'd expect, the riffs chop and change at the drop of the hat with the band almost seeming to continually be trying to catch up with itself. 
Pissbolt's live show is where you can witness the band in all it's glory with John pounding at the drumkit with reckless abandon, Simon throwing himself all over the stage (and sometimes in the crowd) whilst Ramzy appears to be wrestling with his guitar and amp at intense volume. 

PISSNBLOOD is the bands second album and we are proud to have released it through NGM Records, there's talk of a split between Pissbolt and another NGM band in 2018 - keep your ear to the underground for that one.