Sydney's always been a darkcoldself deprecatingdirty and harsh city but well known to have its tongue placed firmly in cheek. Robber fit this description well, from afar it is not friendly, it is not inviting, haphazard and bleak...overtones of criminality and anti-social behaviour. Then you take a closer look, it's even worse than you can imagine, they know it's all fucked, there's nothing nice out there and they revel in it, it's five mish-mashed social rejects you wouldn't want to come across in a dark alley. 

Sonically the band has a foot in hardcore punk and another in dark depressing caveman black metal, lyrically it portrays what Sydney is really like with a layer of dense, morose and morbid humour. 

We here at NGM were immediately chomping at the bit to release their 8 song self-titled 12" after getting a cheeky listen to a few songs and seeing the band live. The band have continued to follow it up with several interstate trips, some gigs with label mates Unbound and plenty of local ones too. Most recently taking on a NSW weekender with Adelaide black metal band FUNERAL MOON featuring none other than Matt Skitz of Damaged fame. 

Depressing awkward melodies and vocal patterns that will not leave your head for weeks at a time, an either mind blowingly powerful or spitefully shambolic live show all make for part of what makes Robber so great. There is no posturing, there is no "scene" for them, they come and go wherever they please and do whatever they want to it punk, metal, hardcore - Robber don't care and neither should you. 

The band are in the process of writing songs for what will hopefully be a follow up LP in 2018. Buy the 2017 self-titled HERE.