Self Harm

Perth feels like forever away even in Australia, let alone in comparison to the rest of the world and that might just be what makes SELF HARM so good, isolation. Having been hooked in by the band as soon as we heard the initial "Autumn Demo" from 2015 and the subsequent demos to follow with the addition of Mickey (Suffer, Territory, Warthreat, Drowning Horse) on second guitar only further facilitated that addiction so we're more than ecstatic to be releasing their debut 12" "Adapt To Self Inflicted Chemical Torture" in 2018. 

"Adapt To Self-Inflicnted Chemical Torture" is now up for pre-order with both the GOLD (limited to 100 copies with bonus woven patch and postcard) and BLACK version available for purchase. 

Stream a few songs from the LP now! 

Self Harm's sound is primitive, yet precise and cutting but most of all pure filthy fucking EVIL!! Rhys' signature thick, eerie, desolate HOWL soaks up all the empty space while the dual guitar work is like a whirlwind of chainsaws just ripping at your flesh, all tied together perfectly by such hammer-to-your-skull like low end from the rhythm section. This is not your usual sterile, filtered down Norwegian black metal, no way...this is like real demented shit with enough of a punk gut and a foot in death metal to know how to mix things up and really make your brain start to seep out your ears.