THE astral travellin' band; Unbound are not a band simply confined by genre's, scene or even planes of existence. A conscious effort to tap into the unconscious, the band set out to follow in the footsteps of the underground extreme music scene of the late 80's and 90's in Australia with bands such as Beanflipper, Necrotomy, Magnacite, Tutti Parze, Hateman, Blood Duster, Damaged, Massappeal, Unclean, Christbait, Persecution, Crypt and Dreamkillers to be cited as a direct influence.

With members coming from such bands as Ocean Of Zero, Where's The Pope?, Sick People, Nation Of Hate, Hurricane Death and many more, it was always going to be inevitable that a myriad of influences would come through. 

Formed in early 2016, the band played it's first show in July of 2016 at the Coronation Hotel in Ipswich and has since made it a priority to tour as much as possible, resulting in almost a dozen trips interstate and having played more shows out of their home town than in it. Backed up by two cassette demo's and lots of mischief in between, Unbound are not planning on slowing down in any way shape or form with two split records and an LP planned for 2018. 

Merging death metal with noise rock, psychedelic flange-driven riffs with blast beats, physically harmful levels of low-end and intense live shows sometimes featuring thematically nauseating visuals courtesy of Lance Sinclair (Hateman, Noose, John Lee Spider, Greig etc) or additional live synth, sampling and noise by Nick Senger of abstract punk band Brandos Island, this is what Unbound is about: a rollercoaster of total astral projection, there for everyone to catch a ride on so long as you're prepared to open your third eye and try to keep up.