Defenestration - Demo 2017 C/S **Pre-Order**

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Defenestration are born of members from the likes of Black Jesus, Dead Root, Drain Life, Carcosa and Wrong amongst others. With this assortment of people you can be assured the sound is extreme and underground, old school death metal influenced heavily by early Autopsy and Death releases without becoming a clone. 

The band contrasts well across all fronts, never sitting on any riff for too long but knowing when to let something settle in, the drums pushed heavily to the front of the mix pushing out explosive low end, backed with personal and socio political lyrics filtered through utterly disgusting yet crisp vocals from Ben and Crispin. 

A must for the new age of Australian underground death metal. 
Cassette out mid-Feb 2018. This is a pre-order of a limited run. 

Check out the "Mandatory Minimums" film clip below and full demo for stream over at the NGM bandcamp