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Psycho – 6 Song E.P. "Son Of 8 Song E.P."

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Psycho belong in a special category of bands, unrelenting, they never quit on the underground and never faltered due to trends. Formed in Boston in the very early 80's, releasing their first EP "8 Song E.P" in 1983 - when the straight edge scene was the biggest thing going, they did their own thing. After this they followed up with this "Son Of 8 Song EP", in the following years they would be pioneers in the U.S. grind scene, even making it out to do a small tour of Australia in 1992. 

Psycho kept it underground, the way they want it to be and still now well over 30 years later play their own shows with no care for adoration of the masses.

This EP was reissued by the killer ANTITODO label out of Spain, the very same who've reissued the likes of Major Conflict, Lockjaw and The Scam.