** SOLD OUT ** Ripped Off - Last Chance At Death 12" LP

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In true Ripped Off fashion, it's taken forever to get this record pressed up and released but here it is up for pre-order to the hungry masses, the bands debut 12" "Last Chance At Death" which showcases the band at it's most experimental and driven.

Since forming in Brisbane, Australia sometime in 2012 the band have played Melbourne's Maggot Fest on two occasions, played in Wollongong, Newcastle and Sydney as well as numerous shows in Brisbane. The lives shows have always been known for J.'s outlandish flamboyance and likelihood to climb all over the venue, sometimes even intimidation through self-mutilation and the band backing it all up with intense volume, bandied about by the band as "100% AK-47 Sonic Assault". 

Many different persons have made many different comparisons with Ripped Off and bands of the past, some of these bands are Septic Death, Hellhammer, Lip Cream, L.S.D., Rapes, G.I.S.M. just to name a few. The sound is driving at it's core, it is aggressive, fast paced hardcore but sometimes the riffs stop before you want them to end or the whole song seems to fall off the rails while the intensity just seems to build, other songs are a frustrating combination of C.'s jazz style drumming and R.'s impatient and inefficient guitar work.

Only you, the listener can be the true judge. 

Listen below and place your pre-order for a late Jan 2018 release. 
This record will be released internationall by Anti-Todo Records in Spain. 

All artwork, packaging and liner notes on L.C.A.D. by Stewart Cole.